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Digital Experiments for  Human Interaction

We are developing interactive Web-Applications for Researchers to conduct their studies with the latest Cloud-Technologies. Participants can access all components of your study fully remote and in one flow.

What we Offer

Digital Experiment Design

We help designing your digital experiment with a customized flow consisting of common scientific elements such as questionnaires and interactive parts for the participants.

Iterative experiment software development

Requirements often change – so might your experiment design. We develop the digital experiment under your guidance improving the its design based on your feedback from internal pre-tests.


GDPR compliance is crucial while collecting data & insights from your participants. We take care of bringing your experiment to the cloud in a safe environment within Germany or any other country.


We prepare the resulting data fitted to your needs, to take your research to the next level.

Digital Experiment


Complex interactions between different Stakeholders in a digital scenario/environment, which can be monitored to measure target values.


Specifically developed for certain experimental designs, e.g. Interventions.


Providing choices/input to participants in different formats with sophisticated dependencies and implementation logic

Extra Resources

Today’s complex world requires bridges – any external data sources to enrich your research can be linked or included in the experiment

How your Research Benefits

Questionary-Experiment-Flow Platform - All-in-One

Your research is unique and so is our support for you. We develop all necessary components to your research individually. You and your study participants will experience the whole experimental set-up as one guided flow without interruptions.

Focus on your research - we take care of the technical hustle

You deliver the concept. We develop, host and monitor the digital experiment, and finally deliver the results, ready for your research/work.

Digital lab conditions - anything can be measured

Through your digital experiment, the X-flow environment enables you to really understand the participants behaviour by collecting a wide variety of metrics like time spent, clicks or any measurable interaction.

Having some projects in mind?

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